What Day of the Week was Your Italian Ancestor Born on?

Lolita Nikolova, PhD

Typically, the genealogical pedigree includes the date of the birth, eventually complimented by the date of baptism of the researched ancestor. In the early Catholic records, the date of the birth usually is also the date of baptism. The civil registration records (started abt 1809-1812 in different parts of Italy) also include the hour of birth, while the early Catholic records (some of them as early as later 16th – early 17th century) may document the day of week when the child was born. Nevertheless, if we do not have documented the day of the week, is it possible to figure out what day of the week the child was born? As everybody today wants to know on what day of week was born, logically, the day of the week is an additional, but essential genealogical information.

One method to find the day of the week is using the calendar at.calenderandtime.com.

The early baptism register of Coassolo Torinese, Turin, Piedmont, Italy helps to verify the usefulness of the available online Calendar for different years in different parts of the world. For instance, according to the baptism register, Battista Bellino-Roci was born on Saturday, 4 February 1606. The calendar online shows that 4 February 1606 is exactly on Saturday.

In sum, the date of birth, time and the day of the week are the standard genealogical components of the ancestors’ database.  They do not always exist in the available records since the church registers may include only the date of baptism. However, the day of the week of the birth / baptism can be generated using online calendar, in particular.

The same method can be used for generating the day of marriage and death of our ancestors.


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